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Alpaca Services, Products & Guarantees

Our services are various, and implementing them well is based upon our backgrounds. Debbie is a Registered Nurse.  She currently works in a hospital, but had also served in other field based and seasonal nursing duties.  Her patients & her business associates know of her commitment to organization & detail.  Her work exhibits her demand for high standards. She also ran her own direct sales business for 17 years before obtaining her nursing degree.

Charles hails from 39 years of retailing experience, having served as the president of his own print music firm.  His firm operated 18 locations in two states.  He recently retired after 9 years from managing the largest department of a multiple location print music retailer, selling music & servicing customers all over the world.  His customers & business associates know him for his meticulous & cooperative attitudes concerning service, as well as his aspirations for excellence. He has also active as a bi-vocational Baptist music minister for 20 years, and continues to volunteer at his church. He has also been asked to sing our National Anthem at various Alpaca Shows.

All of these experiences translate into a desire for excellent & trustworthy Alpaca services, products & guarantees.

The following are what we are able to offer to you:

Alpaca Sales

Our Services — Alpaca Owners Association, Inc.
Alpaca Owners Association, Inc.

Our Alpacas on our sales list are all  registered and microchipped.   While in our care, they are given daily, monthly and annual attention to the things that make them excellent choices for the new & established Alpaca owner. We invite you to investigate their pedigrees, or make an appointment to view any of our herd.

  • All open females come with a free breeding to a male owned by Aubrey Oaks Alpacas.
  • In appreciation of your patronage, all purchases of $2,000 or more come with a 25% discount off of future breeding fees to a male owned by Aubrey Oaks Alpacas.
  • We will provide timely transfer of ownership and A.R.I. certificates at no additional cost to the new owner at the owner’s request.
  • All Alpaca sales over $2,000 for each animal come with a free halter & lead, a 40 lb. bag of Mazuri® Alpaca UltimatE™ feed, and orchard grass hay—a value added addition worth almost $100.

Ranch Visits—Purchases & Training

We are happy to entertain your visit to our Ranch. If you want to visit with us about any of our Alpacas—Dams, Males & Herdsires, or want to have us mentor you as you prepare your property to receive Alpacas there is no charge. We are happy to help. Call us to discuss the details: date, time, number and age of guests.

Ranch Visits—For Pleasure

Visiting our Alpacas on our ranch for casual purposes—a family outing, a visit with friends, or even as a part of a birthday or anniversary party, is something that we welcome! Call us to discuss the details: date, time, number and age of guests. We would then issue an invoice via email to you for a $20.00 gate charge. Your payment secures your appointment that is mutually agreed upon when you call.

We usually spend 30-60 minutes with our guests sharing information about our ranch and livestock, and answering your questions. Visiting our herd hands-on may be possible when you visit. Be sure to bring a camera! We do not have a ranch store on site, but we briefly display some of our Alpaca Textiles on our front porch. Due to staffing and driveway considerations we are unable to accept visits from tour buses.

Please note: Under Texas Law (Chapter 75A, Civil Practice & Remedies Code), an Agritourism entity is not liable for any injury to or death of an Agritourism participant resulting from an Agritourism activity.

Alpacas and our guard dog(s) are not inherently dangerous, but it is important to post this here as well as on our property so that everyone understands the law as it applies to our Ranch.

Purchase Financing

Our Services — Purchase Financing

On any for any Alpaca purchase over $2,000 after a down payment of 25%, we can offer:

  • 12 monthly payments is the same as cash.
  • 24 monthly payments are available for 2.5% A.P.R.

Purchase Discounts

Multiple Alpaca purchases may be eligible for negotiable discounts & terms. Inquire for details.

Alpaca textile products are offered for sale at retail on the Alpaca Products page of our website at our normal retail prices.  Various discounts are usually provided during our displays and during our sales events.

Agisting Options 

We offer the following agisting options with any Alpaca or Stud Service purchase:

  • Up to 3 free months with any Stud Service purchase.
  • Up to 3 free months with any Alpaca purchase over $2,000.
  • Agisting for animals purchased from Aubrey Oaks Alpacas after 3 months is available payable monthly in advance.
  • Agisting for animals not purchased from Aubrey Oaks Alpacas may be available upon approval payable monthly in advance.
  • We require recent acceptable Fecal Test results before delivery to our ranch.


Agisting Details 

All agisting includes:

  • shelter/shade—top quality sheds in all pens
  • fans with appropriate temperature demands daily
  • fresh water/electrolytes as needed
  • quality orchard grass hay
  • personalized Mazuri® feeds & appropriate supplements as determined by body score
  • probiotics
  • daily health monitoring
  • appropriate parasite tests
  • regular pen cleaning & mowing
  • wood pellets on dung piles as needed
  • grazing on pastures that have not been treated with dangerous chemicals
  • annual immunizations/on site care per our camelid experienced veterinarian
  • livestock guard dog service provided by our Great Pyrenee(s)
  • monthly herd health inspections & treatments, including:
  • toenail inspection & trim
  • conjunctiva checks
  • ear checks
  • teeth inspection; floats as needed
  • body scoring
  • weighing
  • supplemental oral probiotics (paste/liquid)
  • Ivermectin shots for meningeal worm protection
  • Other procedures, observations & actions as appropriate
  • We keep written records
  • Veterinarian services provided with consultation of the owner at owner’s expense.

Delivery Service

Our Services — Delivery ServiceAlpaca purchases over $2,000 from our ranch is eligible to receive free delivery within 100 miles. Other deliveries over 100 and up to 250 miles are available at 50¢ per mile. You may also choose an independent delivery contractor of your choice at your expense.

Breeding/Stud Services

We have some great opportunities on our ranch. To learn more about them, please visit Our Herdsires page.

Fertility Guarantee

  • Breeding quality Alpacas have a full reproduction guarantee.
  • Aubrey Oaks Alpacas females that have been bred have a live birth guarantee of 30 days.
  • Females bred to an Aubrey Oaks Alpaca stud have a live birth guarantee of 30 days.

Alpaca Textiles

Be sure to visit our Fine Peruvian Alpaca Products page! You will NOT be disappointed!!