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NEWS from Aubrey Oaks Alpacas

Here’s the latest NEWS from your favorite Alpaca ranch!  Put them on your calendar, or Contact Us with your email address so that we can send you reminders! You can Like us on Facebook and set the page reminders to appear FIRST in your feed to not miss anything!

February 9-11: TXOLAN 2018 Sweetheart Spectacular Alpaca Show, Ft. Worth, TX

The 2018 TXOLAN Sweetheart Spectacular will include competition, education, vendors, silent and live auctions open to the public and more. Once again we will be in the Will Rogers Complex on Lancaster in Fort Worth, TX. Cattle Barns 2 and 3 with the adjoining arena affords us a large and extensive facility that provides a venue that compares with anything in the nation! In 2017 the event had over 300 alpacas, multiple vendors and an extensive array of educational offerings. 2018 will add performance competition targeting younger competitors and hopes to add even more vendors. We are getting the word out early so that everyone will block their calendars and be sure to tell all their contacts. Look forward to seeing you there!!

April, 2018: Germanfest in Muenster, TX

May, 2018: Lavender Ridge Farms — Spring Lavender Festival in Cooke County near our Ranch



~   Herd Health Days   ~

NEWS – Cady in our Alpaca chute, 2013
Cady in our Alpaca chute

A Great Way to Learn More About Alpacas and Their  Care!

Aubrey Oaks Alpacas has a regularly monthly day where we halter up each Alpaca on the ranch to trim toenails, inspect teeth, weigh, give shots & document other monthly conditions. 

  • These days are a time only for those that are seriously interested  in Alpacas. So plan on seeing our Alpacas at Lavender Ridge if you are curious or casually interested.

  • It is a great time to learn more about Alpacas so you can experience our lifestyle in-depth and hands-on.

  • Our Herd Health Days are usually on a Saturday or Sunday. However, weather many times plays a relevant factor in our finalized date decisions.

  • We use a chute (shown above) to decrease the anxiety of our Alpacas. This also prevents any injury to them or a handler. Most of them need very little restraint and as a result, perform admirably. (Oh, and that’s Cady, our first-to-be-born-here-at-the-ranch Alpaca in the chute.  Her Dam, Cameo, is inspecting what’s going on with her little girl…)

  • We shear our Alpacas at our ranch without fail around March/April of each year.  Interested in being a helper on that day? It’s possible we could use the help…   It can be a dirty job, and certainly not for the faint of heart! No Alpacas are harmed, but some do complain!

  • High school students and adults are welcome to attend. That is to say, thanks for understanding that children under the age of 13 would pose an undue distraction to the time and tasks at hand.

  • We can accept an limited number for each day, so please  contact us and supply us with your particulars. Specifically — why you would like to join us, your Alpaca ownership plan, etc.

Need directions?

Try Google Maps and search for “Aubrey Oaks Alpacas“. Except for our Annual Christmas Sale, be sure to contact us BEFORE you come.  Thanks for understanding that Ranch hours and private visits are by appointment only!