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As you browse through our herd, if one strikes your fancy, please inquire.  We're always happy to talk about our Alpacas, our business model, or just how to get started in this wonderful lifestyle!  And if your interest in one of our Alpacas comes up, we can certainly talk about it!



Light Fawn
ARI #30698826  ~  DOB: 05/16/2008
Somewhere in there is a black Alpaca...but we aren't sure where! Medina is from the highly prized "Condori" line.  Her Grandam, 5Peruvian Condori, is from Snowmass Alpacas who they recommended as one of their most important black females "equal to Nova in her production value." 5Peruvain is a True Black Full Peruvian import and she was bred to another top quality full Peruvian True Black, Snowmass Midnight Magic.

Medina's Dam, however, did not turn out to be a True Black, but is a super awesome full Peruvian Dark Fawn...Snowmass Midnight's Dawn.  Dawn's maiden breeding was to the late Dundee's Stonewall Jaxon.  Stonewall was owned by Chuck and Leigh Thomas and was the multi-award winning son of one of the most consistent blacks around, Axtion Jaxon.  Stonewall had the consistency, fleece, and bone structure that was desired, plus that black background that was thought might trigger Dawn's black heritage.

Amazingly, their offspring is our Medina, a light fawn girl and we have NO complaints! She's a beautiful, compact-bodied Alpaca that is extremely fine, has a good staple length, and has a beautiful consistency that we wanted in our herd.  After ribboning at A-OK Alpaca Blast Off in 2009, she was shorn and the Certified Fiber Sorter scored her as a #1 which is Royal Baby fine!  She had 2 words in her comment section "Ooooooo - Ahhhhhh."

She has developed nicely into a striking beauty.  She was bred to Tierra's Creed at Tierra Prometida Alpaca Ranch in January, 2012.  Creed is a handsome Medium Fawn who possesses a black gene as his dam is a true black.  Creed's sire is the champion Alpaca PNA Poseidon's Isaac.  Creed has an amazing dense fleece that is full of character—a low amplitude, high frequency crimp style, with brightness, bundling, and fineness. On 12/30/2013, Medina gave us a beautiful little female cria—Creed's Joyous Noëlle.

UPDATE: She was been rebred to Snowmass Matrix Madness, a multiple color champion!  Her cria born on 1/2/14 is named Aubrey Oaks Precocious Minuet and is exhibiting a nice head style and silky long fiber. Medina is the ever protective mother to her baby providing great milk that has her cria steadily gaining weight.

UPDATE: You can purchase yarn made from Medina's fleece.


Medium Fawn
ARI #1155174 ~ DOB: 04/25/05

A medium fawn dam, Daisy is the proven daughter of Lilly and PHAR Centaur.    A prior breeding was to Escondido's Makulu and resulted in WHR Bluebonnet, a beautiful beige girl that took a first place Blue Ribbon in the TxOLAN show of 2010.

Daisy's first birth here at Aubrey Oaks provided us a wonderful cria we have name Pluro's Premier Concerto, or Conni for short on 03/27/2011.  Conni's first show netted a 2nd place red ribbon at the 2012 Amarillo Hi-Plains Alpaca Show, and Conni's spinoff at the 2013 TxOLAN was the 4th highest in the show winning a Blue Ribbon!.

Daisy is a nice sized dam who has a tremendously dense blanket.  An attentive mother with lots of milk, she has been known to nurse an additional cria in the barnyard.  And she is the first to alarm at encroaching animals.

She has some nice genetics in her background!  In her showings before she came to us, Daisy ribboned at both  the 2006 Houston LSR (3rd) and in the 2006 TxOLAN show (4th.)



Dark Brown
REDUCED!  ~ $1,500 Sales Price ~
ARI #32104554 ~ DOB: 03/27/2011
Bred Dam

Conni is so very sweet.  She's one of the first to approach anyone—especially new visitors—when they walk into the girl's pen.  Wonderfully soft, her first year's shearing was less than a week after she was born. Conni is also a 1st place blue ribbon winner; her fiber came in first place in the Spin-Off at the 2013 TxOLAN Show. Her Spin-Off score was an excellent 96 out of 100, scoring the 4th highest in the entire show!  She's got great coverage in a fairly large frame that shows solid form.  The crimp in rich brown fleece is a medium amplitude that extends over much of her fleece.

She is the first cria from our own Snowmass Nova's Pluro.  She has his good coverage and strong crimp evidenced in a fleece that is extremely bright.  Taking a second place red ribbon in her first showing in the Hi-Plains Alpaca Show in Amarillo in December, 2011, the judge praised her good staple length and brightness. She also came in 2nd at the A-OK Alpaca Blast-Off in November, 2012. Her dam is our own Lilly's Daisy, and Conni inherited some of her density while making great strides in fineness.

1st (Spinoff), TxOLAN 2013


True Black
ARI # 32410129 ~ DOB: 03/27/2012
Intact Male

Phantom has been a truly delightful addition to our herd.  He has developed a strong frame.    His fleece is extremely fine and dense.  He shears great weight for his size, and has a wonderfully soft handle which is from his dam, Sweetpea. He has great coverage, good crimp, bone structure and presence from his Sire, Snowmass Nova's Pluro.  His size & temperament make him an excellent choice for a pet or fiber boy.


Medium Fawn
~ 2,500 Sales Price ~
ARI # 32104530 ~ DOB: 12/30/2012

What a cute and precious treat we have in  Noëlle. She's a Sunday baby that has matured into a petite dam.  Her fleece is amazingly dense with a beautiful crimp and good fineness.  She's got a typey head that is covered in fine fleece.  She came in 2nd at the Oklahoma A-OK Blastoff in October of 2013 and 3rd at the Arkansas show. Her Sire is Tierra's Creed.  Her Dam is our own Medina.


TP Heavenly Touché
White ~ not on our sales list
ARI # 32765854  ~ DOB: 1/9/2012
Open Dam / Proven

Aubrey Oaks Alpacas is the proud new owner of TP Heavenly Touche'. To quote her former owners:

"Her fleece is heaven to touch! She has a delicious handle that is silky and feels absolutely wonderful. It is hard to keep your hands out of her heavenly, elite fleece. Her fleece is also superbly dense and full of the elite fleece qualities for which we are striving: such as crimp, tiny little bundles, and a high frequency, lower amplitude crimp. She has very little guard hair and is extremely fine! She has correct conformation and bite and is typey. She has an engaging, charming personality (much like her mother's) and is always a pleasure. "


Except for the fact that we saw her fleece when we sheared her—and it was a stunningly bright white, we couldn't have said it better ourselves!  We plan to have her in as many as four shows this year.  She's already done quite well...

  1st and Reserve Champion Halter, Kentucky Classic, 2012


Medium Fawn
REDUCED! ~ $2,500 Sales Price 
ARI #31177887 ~ DOB: 08/16/2007

This girl is the type we all need more of on our ranches.  She's sweet.  She has great coverage.  She has a beautiful long staple length. She's got an expressive crimp that runs quite evenly throughout.  She's super dense.  She is our alpha female and will add superior quality to anyone's herd.  What more can we say?  Well...

Her maternal brother is Premier's Absolute, who is known nationally as one of the top gray males in the country, and who Julie Skinner of Snowmass Alpacas praised—he sold for $150,000 at the Futurity!

Her sire is an incredibly fine vicuna style male named Alpha Romeo of Genesis who has a fine, uniform fleece that maintains it's baby-soft handle into maturity.  Romeo's dreamy fleece features medium amplitude & medium frequency crimp, and his dam is believed to have a vicuna background.

Cameo's dam was Snowmass' Don Julio's Prestige, and her maternal grandsire is Don Julio from the first Peruvian import.  Cameo's genetics are definitely World Class!

She ribboned in the 2008 Arkansas Alpaca Adventure before she began to breed.  Reiling's Nova's Gold was chosen for her maiden breeding as an excellent match for her.  Her first cria elicited "oohs" and "ahhs" from the Reiling's visitors.

Being bred to Snowmass Porteus who is out of Snowmass XXXtreme has us tremendously thankful as the untimely passing of Porteus limits his gene pool for the rest of us.  Porteus was simply one of those rare Alpacas with tremendous fineness into maturity and unbelievable conformation in a large sized package. 

December 2, 2010 saw Cameo give birth to our first cria: PORTEUS' PERFECT CADENCE.  She has a beautifully shaped head with full fleece coverage.  Her form is outstanding.  Her first show as a Modern Rose Gray was in a competitive class of 7 grays at the Amarillo Hi-Plains Alpaca Show.  She took home a 2nd place red ribbon, then topped that with a 1st place blue ribbon at the February, 2012 TxOLAN show in Ft. Worth.  We could not be more pleased!

Cameo's 3rd cria arrived on 12/4/2012!  Madness' Cameorose Waltz, an exquisite female, tracing her beautiful shiny fleece from her Snowmass heritage.


True Black
ARI #30809819 ~ DOB: 06/06/2009

What can we say about Sweetpea? Great genes from her sire help her exhibit  true black color. Fineness is the signature quality when you touch her fleece.

She obviously brings that fleece characteristic to bear through her sire, Snowmass Royal Flush who is pure Alpaca with no DNA markers for Llama.  Her first histogram at 10 months was a nice 20 microns!

Her grandsire, Snowmass Andean Bronze, was the 2001 All-American Alpaca Futurity 1st Place Winner & Color Champion and the 2001 AOBA National Fleece Show 1st Place Winner.  With WHR's Violet as her dam who is a true black and Royal Flush's dark rose gray genes, she presages a future with much great color.

Sweetpea, whose compact size & fineness are among her hallmarks, has weaned our third cria born here at Aubrey Oaks Alpacas.  She was bred to our own proven sire, Snowmass Nova's Pluro, who himself exhibits excellent density, large bone structure & solid conformation.  With both of them being true black, it was no surprise to see Midnight Masked Phantom arrive on 03/27/2012 with a solid black blanket. We have been blessed to see his high-frequency crimp from Pluro combined with Sweetpea's fineness.   


Modern Rose Grey ~ Not on our sales list
ARI #32104554 ~ DOB: 12/2/10
Nursing Dam / Open

Cady is our 1st place blue ribbon winner at the  TxOLAN 2012 Show.  Her staple length this year at shearing was astounding—between 6 to 6.5 inches!  The crimp she exhibits is moderate but highly pronounced throughout her long fleece. Her coverage is solid.  Her conformation is excellent.  She has inherited the superb qualities of her sire, Snowmass Porteus'—praised by Snowmass as the best XXXtreme son ever born, and her dam's (Cameo) own superb qualities—fleece, bone structure, temperament and coverage.

Some of her judge's comments at her first show in Amarillo were: · Extreme fineness in her fleece  · A softness of touch  · Density with consistent micron  · Long staple length for her age  · A beautiful color—"I'd love to see a sweater made from that color!"  Her judge at TxOLAN in February, 2012 succinctly stated, "She's the total package!"  In the 2013 TxOLAN Fleece Show, she was the finest grey, and her fineness was in the top ratings of the entire show—regardless of color, and comparable to many white entries.

Her personality is warm and likeable.  She is confident when touched by humans, and stays close to the shed when we are around.  She enjoys a good chin rub, and is always the first to investigate and open shed door that reveals our baled hay.  We're very excited to see Cady continue to develop this year.  Her first  breeding is to the nationally renowned GreyBeard, and we have a beautiful Dark Modern Silver Grey cria we have named Silver Belle. 

UPDATE: You can purchase yarn made from Cady's beautiful blanket!

1st Halter, TxOLAN 2012


Dark Fawn
~ $5,000 Sales Price ~
ARI # 32652246 ~ DOB: 12/04/2012

We're really excited to have Rose.  Her sire is Snowmass Matrix Madness, and her dam is our own Cameo.   This is our great PR Alpaca on the ranch.  Extremely friendly and the first one to greet us every evening with a willing chin, she exhibits not only great spirit but great genetic traits from her Snowmass Sire—Matrix Madness: correct confirmation & bite, buttery fineness, a high amplitude crimp, and great size for her age.  That winning personality is from her dam, our own Cameo.  She ribboned in both shows this fall in which she was shown, both times in 3rd place.


True Black
ARI # 32410136 ~ DOB: 01/22/2014
Intact Male

Eclipse is  wonderfully sweet and gentle.  He is the most approachable male Alpaca in our herd.  His color is True Black with a  fleece that is very fine with good density and excellent coverage.  He has a solid full size frame, and his very straight top line and good bone structure are obvious traits from his sire—Snowmasss Lunar Challenger. His dam is our own Pluro's Premier Concerto who herself won a blue ribbon at TxOLAN for her fleece.  His maternal grandsire is our own Snowmass Nova's Pluro.  Peruvian Hemingway G171 is in his paternal line.  He will make a wonderful acquisition for some lucky owner.


3rd Halter, TxOLAN 2014 (3 of 5)

Two of our early crias, Rose & Noëlle were featured in a blue ribbon winning picture at the 2013 TxOLAN Show:

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